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Re: Re: Sound on Kernel 2.4

Balaji Srinivasan wrote:

> no replies.. nobody's tried the new kernel yet, or it works for everyone &
> I'm the only unlucky one....???

ur the one yelling...

> hi guys,
> I'm stuck with a sis630 based system which has no drivers for linux on
> kernel2.2. So I've downloaded kernel2.4 test 9, and have benn trying to get
> the damn sound working.. but I can't figure it out.
> I have a redhat6.2 distro, on which i've compiled the kernel with the sound
> chosen as modules and the driver for the sound card as modules again.  The
> file that I get is trident.o, which I can't figure where to put (
> /lib/modules/kernel2.4/???)... anyway when I say make modules,
> install_modules,  it *should* copy the .o fiels to the right directory..
> Now when I boot into the new kernel and run sndconfig (which is an old
> version which came with 6.2 distro), it says that mebbe sound was not
> compiled into the kernel...! ?? I'm confused... pls. help.

why dont u just compile sound into the kernel and leave ur driver as a module...
if u dont wanna do that... just try using modprobe to load the sound module....(not
sure! never tried it.)