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Re: Sound on Kernel 2.4

no replies.. nobody's tried the new kernel yet, or it works for everyone &
I'm the only unlucky one....???

                    Srinivasan           To:     "linux-delhi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"               
                    10/09/2000           cc:                                                       
                    11:18 AM             Subject:     Sound on Kernel 2.4                          

hi guys,

I'm stuck with a sis630 based system which has no drivers for linux on
kernel2.2. So I've downloaded kernel2.4 test 9, and have benn trying to get
the damn sound working.. but I can't figure it out.
I have a redhat6.2 distro, on which i've compiled the kernel with the sound
chosen as modules and the driver for the sound card as modules again.  The
file that I get is trident.o, which I can't figure where to put (
/lib/modules/kernel2.4/???)... anyway when I say make modules,
install_modules,  it *should* copy the .o fiels to the right directory..

Now when I boot into the new kernel and run sndconfig (which is an old
version which came with 6.2 distro), it says that mebbe sound was not
compiled into the kernel...! ?? I'm confused... pls. help.