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Re: Hoax Mails

hi! sunil,

i think this is done by setting some relay option in the mail deamon
(ie sendmail).

for more info u can visit vsnl site @ wwwdel.vsnl.net.in
from there select 'guide', there is a good article about open relays.


From: Sunil Dhaka <linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Reply-To: linux-delhi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: linux-delhi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [linux-delhi] Hoax Mails
Date: Sun, 08 Oct 2000 16:19:52 +0530

I read the mails from the archives of Sep. Just wanted to add a couple
of things
Sending a hoax mail is the simplest thing. Use any mailserver which
forwards all domains.
Telnet on port 25
run the helo / mail from: / rcpt to: / data commands and one can send a
hoax mail from anyusername@anydomain. Using pine one can configure it
for the relaying mailserver and send authentic looking mails with a
complete From / To / Subject / Attachements etc.
However, the give away is IP number that accompanies the headers. A
normal user will never be able to tell. However, I must add that this
kind of activity is really looked down upon.
There are servers which offer complete anonimity by way of removing the
headers from the mail. Any one any ideas as to how this can be achieved?

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