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Re: seti@home client

hi neil

i am not looking for aliens ... (We have u )

I am looking for experimenting with distributed / clustered processing of
course ...


/***** grinning ..... ducking .... and running *****/

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> > hi
> >
> > Q1. What is the name of our group at seti@home site and how do i join
> >
> > Q2. From where do I download seti@home client for redhatlinux 6.2
> budd... they r not finding any aliens this way... it so seems that the
> positive thing that came out of the setiathome experiment was that it
> prooved the exhistance, feasibility and the capabilities of cluster
> processing on a large scale... setiathome will probably be now used for
> other experiment of a similar kind... but after so many thousand years of
> processing... seti has not found anything .... i repeat anything but
> noise... and nor will it... please read more articles about this
> i remember reading some shit about this some time ago. where even seti
> agreed they were going no where... and were only hoping for the best....
> sorry to disillusion u if i did...
> Neil