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Re: seti@home client

> hi
> Q1. What is the name of our group at seti@home site and how do i join it.
> Q2. From where do I download seti@home client for redhatlinux 6.2

budd... they r not finding any aliens this way... it so seems that the only
positive thing that came out of the setiathome experiment was that it
prooved the exhistance, feasibility and the capabilities of cluster
processing on a large scale... setiathome will probably be now used for some
other experiment of a similar kind... but after so many thousand years of
processing... seti has not found anything .... i repeat anything but
noise... and nor will it... please read more articles about this subject...
i remember reading some shit about this some time ago. where even seti reps
agreed they were going no where... and were only hoping for the best....
sorry to disillusion u if i did...