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Some networking stuff

Hi guys,
         I originally wrote this mail to Raj but he pointed me to the
list saying that you guys would  be the best people to suggest some
solution for this. The setup is this.

I have two machines 'A' and 'B'. Machine 'A' is isolated and 'B' is
connected to the network. 'A and 'B' are connected to each other thru a
null modem cable. The requirements are that m/c 'B' has to transparently
do all TCP/IP networking on behalf of 'A'. Constraints are that I can't
run PPP over serial port to this stuff and I want 'A' to commuincate
with the rest of the network transparently ie I shud be able to telnet,
ftp. ping, etc from 'A' to rest of the network. I am trying
on the lines of 'Divert Sockets'. Please suggest whether it can be done
thru this way or not or if you have any better way to achieve this.
(Somebody suggested me Tunnelling ???)