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Re: [Re: Problems with depmod]

Yes i compiled the drivers using the command given at the bottom and also used
the command 
"gcc -DMODULE -DMODVERSIONS -D__KERNEL -I/tmp -O6 -c winbond-840.c"
The driver source was in the tmp directory.
Both ways it gives the same error.
I dot not know what is a smp or non smp kernel.
Thank You
Ajitpal Singh

"Ambar Roy" <ambarroy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
did u compile using the compile command given in the file. (also did u
compile it for an smp or a non smp kernel!!!)
    /\ |\/| |3 /\ r
> I compiled the driver for my network card (winbond-840).
> It compiled properly but when I ran the depmod command it gives an
> error:
> Not an ELF file.
> "Unresolved symbols in module winbond-840............."

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