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Review Best Linux 2000

Best Linux Goes no further than redHat linux
Thought I could write in a Lot of Stuph about that BUT
except a little  new Software it is no diffrent from a RedHat Linux

First Surprise comes when the this distro is booted off the 1st CD
The starting is GRUB based
gives you three options
1. GUI install.......
2. Text Based (inc. SCSI supp).......
3. Recovery (using second floppy disks)

Installation Part===>

1. Graphical Install
AutoDetected i810 based Graphic Card and ran the installation inGUI mode

nice I was happy for that
But soon as the custom install is selected and its turn to select the
It displays the Packages in diffr. categories
where + can be cahngeg to neg and the packages under that category can
be seen easily

Here is where the Problem starts
A lot of Packages are listed in multiple categories
such as netscape is listed atleast in 3 categories and denselecting in
doesn't deselect in otehres
and now one thinks he has removed the Package but no chance it is there
after that Lets Install Ok Install
 It Hanged no way
I tried it three times on machine nothing was able to make that stuff

2.Text Mode Installation===>
Any one who has seen the RedHat 5.2 's instalation(text only at that
can not tell any difference between the redHat and Best Linux installif
doesn't see the Left Topmost corner of the screen which the different
which say Best Linux 2000 isntall instead of RedHat Linux 5.2 install
and diff comes at the Package selection time which has a lill more
than its cousin RedHat(not cousin but real brothers)
and after another next and Install the installation was exactly same as
that of RedHat
But what came to surprise that It was able to start the instation in
Graphics mode
on i810 chipset now failed to detect the Graphics card or say chipset.

Next Gave two options if u have SCSI disk go further and install LILO or

if u have ide u can chose from LILO or GRUB
after a reboot

Start the Linux u installed
What came in redHat as ""Welcome to redHat Linux"
was changed to
""Welcome to BEST Linux""

and everything in there is same except(may be) the X which I have not
yet started
but soon I'll do that and post the results
some aliases come by default such as ls --color -F -a

Follwing the footsteps of BEST Linux any one with a Basic knowlege how
to edit files and little bit scripting capabilities can start his/her
own new Distro

May be I can Roll out atleast mine
with BEST substituted with GodMode everywhere
by simply using find and sed pair over the Complete CD
and little tweaks here and there


Jaswinder Singh Kohli
 Two things are infinite, the universe and the human stupidity,
 but I am not yet sure about the universe.    (Albert Einstein)