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Re: changed meeting plan resulted to frustration

On Mon, 11 Sep 2000, Vipul Mathur wrote:

>>          All of sudden changes to the meeting plans creates great
>> inconvenience for the others, so please
>> be very confirmed before giving the final date to DLUG meeting. We were

What? I thought there shouldnt have been much ambiguity, since explicit
announcements were made about the change of date. The original
announcement was made on monday, and revised on the next day.. and the
meeting was on saturday. Me thinks thats reasonable enough. Anyhow, i
guess Pankaj's final announcement had no details about what day it was
finally happening on, so apologies anyway for the goof-up. Next meeting
onwards, www.linux-delhi.org will remain the authoritative source of
information. Bug me, and CC to Raju, if the website is not up-to-date.

>> about 10 people at 29 ,Rajpura road on
>> Sunday. Attending a ILUG meeting become a great  frustration for us

Cool!!! What frustration? No one owns Linux-Delhi, so if you were there,
you were Linux-Delhi. Nice meeting, I hope you had. Since the saturday
meet was infact the August meeting, I guess the Sunday one was the
September meet. Good going, folks... a nice meet you had, I hope ;-) Why
doesnt someone send me the minutes so I can put it up on the site? ;-)

>> specially  to those who were
>> from Faridabad ,Gurgaon etc. I hope next time it will not be very
>> uncertain.

Hmm. Apologies for the inconvenience caused. We'll take care to make
[ADMIN] announcements of the meetings, next time onwards.

>well whats done is done.. could someone please post the minutes (or atleast
>a summary) of what happened at the meet?

Hmm, thats for me to do. I'll be writing the minutes for the website, will
float them on to the list too. Gimme a couple of days.

-- Sundeep.