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Re: hoax mails

> The problem with hoax mail is that if a user has bulk mail protection on,
> then the mail is sent directly to bulk mail. Also note that the TO address
> is not displayed. i.e the person you are sending to, his address is not
> shown. Another thing, if you take a close look at the header of the hoax
> mail, it is very easy to identify if the mail was sent by the correct
> person.
don't be so hotmail specific!!!! though i agree that most of these anonymous
bulk mailing programs don't put the name of the recipient in the to field,
there is nothing stopping them from doing so... and i guess anyone can send
mail from anyname@xxxxxxxxxxxxx just by chainging the identity in the
mailing program (netscape, outlook, kmail, etc all allow you to do this)...
normally there is no authentication at the smtp stage with most of the smtp
daemons, so anyone can send mail from any address if their ip address is in
the relay list!!!

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PS: and even with bulk mail protection set to on, my hotmail account only
recieves junk mail!!!! explain that!!!