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Re: hoax mails

> I recently came across a software (GhostMail 5.1) which lets you send
> anonymous
> e-mails to anyone assuming any email address. The sender ( a friend of
> mine) had assumed the identity as
> his_name@his_domain .
> Seeing this , i was amazed that the whole purpose of password protection
> in emails
> is a fake ,  when anyone can send any mail with a reply to address as
> mine.
> I even came across this text , a technique for sending fake e-mails. You
> simply
> telnet to the smtp port of a mail server use the following commds and
> presto!
> a fake mail with a different return address. I tried this and it does
> work . Although you can
> get the ip address of the sender .
> Is there a way of defeating this???
> And i don' wanna use  filters. The person can assume a diffent name and
> can mail from a different mail server each time he mails.
> Mohit Sood

The problem with hoax mail is that if a user has bulk mail protection on,
then the mail is sent directly to bulk mail. Also note that the TO address
is not displayed. i.e the person you are sending to, his address is not
shown. Another thing, if you take a close look at the header of the hoax
mail, it is very easy to identify if the mail was sent by the correct

-- aditya