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Re: Journalling filesystems

Ambar Roy wrote:
> > I am using ReiserFs on my Mandrake 7.1 Box. It does feel faster than
> ext2..
> can it be used on red hat systems???

ReiserFS is distributed as a patch for linux-2.2.16, linux-2.3.99 and
linux-2.4.0-test6. You can doanload the patch from
http://devlinux.com/projects/reiserfs/ web-site... it also has details
about the file system and some papers... depending on which ever kernel
you're using, you can download the appropiate patch.. i have
successfully compile all three kernels with ReiserFS support... (and I
use RedHat... but that doesn't matter here).... right now I'm running
linux-2.2.17 with ReiserFS support.. (i'd patched 2.2.16 with reiserfs
and then applied the 2.2.17 patch) Ieven used it over RAID and LVM and
it works beautifully... I have 3 2GB patitions running on it and all my
data is entrusted to it... till date i've had no problems... speed is
good enough... (you can get benchmarks at the reiserfs web site) Plus
half of SourceForge.Net runs on ReiserFS... I'm planning to put it on a
live server of mine but it shouldn't be a problem... I can vouch for
it... you can also subscribe to its mailing list to get more updated

Abhas Abhinav
DeepRoot Linux