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RE: Journalling filesystems

I am using ReiserFs on my Mandrake 7.1 Box. It does feel faster than ext2..

The most tangible difference is during the filesystem check at startup..
Fsck used to take a lot of time.. Reiser's file system check OTH is
much,much,much faster.

PS:since I don't have a UPS at my place, I had to experince lots of
UN-Graceful system shutdowns on my PC.


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At the last ILUG-D meet, a member - I forget who - told me
that RieserFS did not improve performance. But today I saw
on the rieserfs homepage that this is precisely what they
say it will do, i,e it will immediately speed things up.

So, I just wanted to know whether any member has been
experimenting with journalling FSs and has anything new
to share with us.


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