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Re: Journalling filesystems

On Mon, 4 Sep 2000, M.K.Pai wrote:

>At the last ILUG-D meet, a member - I forget who - told me
>that RieserFS did not improve performance. But today I saw
>on the rieserfs homepage that this is precisely what they
>say it will do, i,e it will immediately speed things up.
>So, I just wanted to know whether any member has been
>experimenting with journalling FSs and has anything new
>to share with us.

Hmm, I guess the 'member' was me :-). SO here are the expert comments --

After fiddling around with ReiserFS for a while, on my SuSE 6.4 box,
kernel 2.2.14, i finally discarded it. Mostly because i didnt mind the
fsck time my box'd take after the occaisional improper shutdown... but the
performance drop on my 466MHz 64meg system was too taxing. What ReiserFS
site says, IMO might be about its performance vis s vis other journalling
file systems, but compared to plain old ext2fs, its a hog. My hard-disk
when using ReiserFS used to start thrashing wildly even on, say, opening a
 couple on netscape windows on kde, and now on ext2fs, everything runs
just fine in the same scenario.

So the verdict -- if you dont need it, dont run it. If you do need
it.... well.. where's the choice? ;-)

-- Sundeep.