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Re: Partition Size

Hi Pankaj,

Thanks for the reply.  I could finally understand the problem and managed a
workaround.  I am giving it below for information (Also for a correction in
case my interpretation is incorrect)
- My motherboard/bios (award) is more than two years old.  Apparently it does
not support larger partitions (alternatively my copy of fdisk does not support
it; if this is possible).  I found out this after deleting everything and
playing around with the DOS fdisk (On my DOS boot floppy).  
- With 'Large Disk Support' Enabled in fdisk and 'Auto IDE HDD Detection' in
bios set to 'Large' I could get a max partition size of 4 GB but total disk
size detected was 4 GB on a 8 GB disk. 
- With 'Large Disk Support' not enabled in fdisk and 'Auto IDE HDD Detection'
in bios set to 'LBA' I could get a maximum partition size of 2 GB with total
disk size of  8 GB. 
- (Earlier I had 'Large Disk Support' enabled in fdisk and 'Auto IDE HDD
Detection' in bios set to 'LBA' .  I coud then get 4 GB primary partition
maximum and 8 GB HDD detected.  However even with this 4 GB primary partition,
once I do a format, the formatting is done only for 2 GB; the balance 2 GB
becomes unusable)

- What I did was :  
- In LBA mode, made a primary partition of 2 GB and loaded 'Windows 98' 
- Installed Linux RH 6.2 using  
- 23 MB for /boot 
- 133 MB for Swap 
- 2 GB for / 
- 2 GB for /sparelx 
- Using my DOS boot diskette, created a logical drive (d:) of the balance
extended partition (slightly more than 1800 MB)

I now have what I had aimed for, ie, 4 GB for windows & 4 GB for linux.

As my assessment the problem was either with my bios/motherboard or with my
copy of fdisk. 

At 08:41 AM 9/4/14 +0530, you wrote:
>Arun Sinha wrote:
>> - fdisk continues to show 4 GB for c:
>main reason could be u installed linux 
>in primary partion or (maybe this workz also with extended )
>because fdisk.exe is stupid and can't recognise ext2 
>furthermore it does not support 2 primary partation so
>its showing your bhindoes part overlapped with ext2
>> Questions
>> - What could be the explanation ?
>> - Could my copy of 'format.exe' be an older version which cannot format
>> 2 GB ? [Corollary: is there any newer version]
>you may try the simple to use fdisk by chosing text in the red
>hat bootcd prompt.
>and then recreate all your partitions
>sorry may be you'll loose your stuff
>but you wo'nt if you create the partitions exactly the same 
>size and blocks as before
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