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Re: Partition Size

Arun Sinha wrote:
> - fdisk continues to show 4 GB for c:
main reason could be u installed linux 
in primary partion or (maybe this workz also with extended )
because fdisk.exe is stupid and can't recognise ext2 
furthermore it does not support 2 primary partation so
its showing your bhindoes part overlapped with ext2

> Questions
> - What could be the explanation ?
> - Could my copy of 'format.exe' be an older version which cannot format beyond
> 2 GB ? [Corollary: is there any newer version]

you may try the simple to use fdisk by chosing text in the red
hat bootcd prompt.
and then recreate all your partitions
sorry may be you'll loose your stuff
but you wo'nt if you create the partitions exactly the same 
size and blocks as before

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