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Partition Size

31 Aug 2000 (Ref my email of 16 Aug 2000; reproduced below)

I tried the following today :

- In IDE HDD Autodection, found the primary master HDD detected as 'LBA'
- Changed the above to 'Large'
- Couldn't boot into Windows, even with my windows startup disk
- Could boot into Linux with linux boot disk

Reinstallation of Windows without formatting
- HDD still set as 'Large'
- copy c:\windows\command\deltree.exe c:
- deltree c:\windows 
- c:\win98\setup.exe [I had earlier copied the win98 files from the CD to this
directory] for reisnstallation of windows
- When the system rebooted for starting windows for the first time, system
wouldn't boot because something was 'invalid' [Perhaps due to the fact that
win98 files were copied when the HDD was set to 'LBA' mode ???]

Reformatting c:
- rebooted using my 'DOS' boot disk
- format c: /s
- The system started formatting (2GB)
- When formatting was complete, the following information (approx) was
displayed :  
- formatted 2 GB 
- System files 300K 
- Free/Unused 2 GB 
- fdisk continues to show 4 GB for c:

- What could be the explanation ?
- Could my copy of 'format.exe' be an older version which cannot format beyond
2 GB ? [Corollary: is there any newer version]

>X-Sender: squad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>X-Mailer: QUALCOMM Windows Eudora Pro Version 4.0.1 
>Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 14:12:23 +0000
>To: linux-delhi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>From: Arun Sinha <squad@xxxxxxxxxx>
>Hi all,
>I have come across a peculiar problem which may not be related to linux. 
>Yesterday I did the following on my 8.4 GB HD :  
>- Deleted all existing partitions (Earlier I had 2GB with win 98 & balance
>linux partitions) 
>- Created primary partition of 4GB and formatted it (large disk support
>- Loaded win98 on this partition. 
>- Loaded RedHat Linux on the balance space. 
>The problem is as under :  
>- In fdisk the primary partition shows 4GB allocated 
>- In Windows Explorer the c: drive shows only 2GB 
>- At the dos prompt, when I see the directory of C:> , the free space shows
>GB which corresponds to the Windows Explorer display 
>- In linux, the partition size of hda1 shows 4 GB 
>What could be the problem ?

Arun Sinha
Q-1, South City,
Gurgaon - 122-001
Tele : (0124)-6380060 (R); 
         (011)-614-9972 & 614-3021 Extn 21 (O)