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Samba Problem --Urgent

Hi Folks,

After so many Samba installations, Samba still eludes me. I am facing
the following problem:

My Samba server installation seems to be ok, since I can start stop the
server with no problems.

I am using the security as user, however an NT domain server exists,
when I try to specify the domain controller it does not recognize the
parameter called "domain controller".

when the user tries to connect to the server, passwd is asked, and when 
the passwd (smbpasswd for the user) is suplied, it gives out a message
that the passwd is incorrect. and try again.

when I try to connect thru smbclient :

smbclient -L CRM
added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
session setup failed: ERRSRV - ERRbadpw (Bad password - name/password
pair in a Tree Connect or Session Setup are invalid.)

I again get that passwd is invalid, I have verified the Userid and
passwd for cases as well.

any one can can help me out on this on an urgent basis. 

Thanks in advance.