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Registering Linux India


It has been more than 2 years [1] since the Linux India mailing list was
started.  A lot has changed in this time.  Several regional Indian Linux
Users Groups (ILUGs) have sprung up.  An issue of Linux Magazine even went
as far as saying that India was third or fourth, world-wide, in terms of
number of LUGs!

Linux India has been operating so far as a group of, to borrow a phrase,
"communicating individuals".  The time has come to formalize Linux India as
some sort of organization.  That is why we, the sort of "founding
communicating individuals" of Linux India are writing to you [2].

Over the coming month we plan to hold a discussion about how Linux India
can be formalized, what it stands for, and what its interaction with the
various ILUGs should be.  To ensure equal representation and high signal to
nice ratio we have decided to hold these discussions in a private, closed
mailing list.

Could each ILUG please discuss this in your mailing lists and nominate ONE
person who will represent your ILUG in this Linux India formalization
mailing list.  Please email the email address of your ILUG's representative
to thaths@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx before Aug 12, 2000.

We would like the mailing list to begin deliberations by Aug 15, a day of
special significance to India.

As for the "founding communicating individuals" - KD has volunteered to
spearhead the legal efforts to register Linux India.  Arun Sharma and
Thaths will also participate in the discussions.  The three of us will,
generally, abstain from voting on ballots.  We will cast our votes in case
there is a deadlock.



Arun Sharma

[1] The actual date of formation of LI are lost in the mists of time.

[2] We are sending this email, as far as possible, to the individual ILUG
mailing list wherever possible.  We are emailing the coordinators listed in
the www.linux-india.org site for the ILUGs which don' have a listed mailing

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