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Re: /dev/hdc device major and minor numbers.

On Fri, 25 Aug 2000, Anmol Khirbat wrote:

>Have you built floppy and cdrom support as modules? Have you built floppy
>and cdrom support at all? What does `cat /proc/devices' tell you? 
>If you built modules, make sure that the modules (ide-cd.o and floppy.o)
>are loaded. If the modules are loaded and it still doesn't work try
>building a new kernel with floppy and cdrom support inside the kernel.

Ok, great! Yes, i had compiled floppy and cdrom support as modules, but i
never did a make modules_install, in what i was thought a clever way to
use the modules of my old kernel, and thus not breaking dependencies for
my i810 and alsasound modules ;-). Never had a clue that the floppy and
cdrom support wouldnt be modular in the default kernel. A new kernel, and
things are working just fine now ;-) Thanks.

On a related note, has anyone managed to configure i810 cards with 2.4
? I've tried compiling support both in the kernel, and as modules. Doesnt
work either way.

-- Sundeep.