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Stupid Doubts in Gnome X Windows

Hi There,

I am new to Linux and just fiddled around with X-Windows of GNOME. The
prob is now that my applet/panel bar does'nt show the open programs (the
one which comes down on minimize/iconify) and my menu bar in the
cascading menu shows a boutton with 3 dots and on clicking asks me
whether to add it to the panel? How can I get the look and feel of the
previous windows. I don't want to format and re-install because it
contains a lot of my Java practice applets.

My JAva also does'nt work because it has'nt got one of the jar files.
(I've installed jdk 1.2 pre v2 which came with RH 6.1 CD of PC Quest) It
gives an error for the files having com.sun.* involved. where can I find
them. I tried searching it on java.sun.com (for individual files) but in

Thanx for the help.

Goldwyn :o)