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Re: Java Applets under Linux

imho for developing java servlets/jsp under any platform, tomcat is a better
choice. it is quite stable, it is open source and also it is the only
reference implementation of the latest servlet/jsp specs. and also tomcat
has an internal web server, so for testing purposesit is quite good. also u
can run tomcat inside borland jbuilder foundation(which is freeware) and
debug your servlets quite easily making development much faster!!

> Java Web Server 2.0 should help in configuring ,running servlets and JSPs
> too . Available from java.sun.com

> >I have just started programming Java under Linux. While I run an applet
> >gives me an error, cannot load the default color of the backround. And
> >cannot load a specific font and it fills the screen ie it gives atleast
> >times. Could anyone told me the reason of this. no problem in Compilation
> >anyway.
> >
> >I would shortly moving to JSP. I would like to know the requirememts
> >(software) I need to program in Linux. Do I need a Java Server like in NT
> >or
> >just the www server of Linux will do. And if possible please recommend
> >good books of JSP.
> >
> >Thanx a lot, Thanx to Ambar ( and another - I don't remember) too...
> >resolve.conf did solve my problem.

    /\ |\/| |3 /\ r