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My new computer & disk partitioning

Hi ppl,

I have just bought a new machine with the following config:

Pentium III @700 MHz with 256KB Cache (Coppermine) 100MHz FSB
64MB SDRAM (PC100)
ASUS P3V133 motherboard
Seagate 20GB HDD
Sis 6329 8MB AGP Video Card, the works ;-)

I am looking for inputs on partitioning schemes. 6GB + 4GB partitions are
already dedicated to the W-word. ;-)

I have installed RedHat 6.2 on the rest. But I am facing a problem:
I cant seem to allocate more than 5992MB for the root partiton after making
a /boot of 100 MB in the very beginning of the disk and a swap of 127MB
(actually comes to 133MB).

Could someone with a > 17GB hdd pass their partiton info to me?

I remember Raju recently bought a 17GB disk... :-)

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