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Re: Partition Size

The 2 GB limit is for FAT16 for Windoze. No limit for FAT32. Linux recognizes both type and has to be set up in the last after all other OS have been installed. The partition for Linux should not be "created" using Windoze fdisk. Linux will recognize the unpartitioned area and install there. I am sorry if I am repeating the info which is well known / has already been told / is available in archives.


From: Sanjeev Gupta <ghane@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Reply-To: linux-delhi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: linux-delhi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [linux-delhi] Partition Size
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 17:59:40 +0800

At 02:12 PM 8/16/2000 +0000, Arun Sinha wrote:

- Created primary partition of 4GB and formatted it (large disk support
- Loaded win98 on this partition.

The problem is as under :
- In fdisk the primary partition shows 4GB allocated
- In Windows Explorer the c: drive shows only 2GB
- At the dos prompt, when I see the directory of C:> , the free space shows
GB which corresponds to the Windows Explorer display

fdisk talks of partitions, hda1 is 4GB.
However, I presume that the C: "file system" (vfat?) does not support more
than 2GB.

-- Ghane

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