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Re: StarOffice 5.2

I did manage an install in single user mode but ADABAS was not on the disk.
It installed quite easily if you followed the instructions in the magazine .
I installed it for root but it should not be difficult for installation for
other users. I am using Redhat 6.2 from PCQ.
I had an installation of SO 5.1 and the settings were transferred to SO 5.2
though I have not taken the effort of removing SO5.1.
( Are you Glenn or Glemm?)

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From: Glenn J Franshaw <glenn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: 09 August 2000 15:41
Subject: [linux-delhi] StarOffice 5.2

> Hi,
> I have Staroffice 5.1 installed on my system and is working perfectly
> fine. I did not have any probs with the installation also.
> But Now I have got the Staroffice 5.2 in the PCQuest of Aug 2K. I am
> trying to install this but I am not successful in doing so.
> I want to do a network installation and then install it for different
> users using it.
> Can anyone suggest as to where i am going wrong , if I am. Or is this a
> known bug in this version of staroffice 5.2
> Thanks in anticipation
> Glemm


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