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Re: qmail

i guess it should be as
where admin is the user who is going to recv the mails!!
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Subject: Re: [linux-delhi] qmail

Hi Ambar,

You are right that i have setup a file for virtual domain
and the corresponding entries in
/var/qmail/control/rcphosts and locals

It is working fine  but my  query is that how can i  deliver all mails  for this domain to a particular user let us say admin@xxxxxxxxxxxx .I have not created any other user for this domain.

For example some one send a mail to
abc@xxxxxxxxxxxx (since this user does not exist ) so i want this mail to deliver to admin@xxxxxxxxxxxx

What other entries i am supposed to do in
/var/qmail/control/virtualdomains file right now i have put  only



Ambar Roy wrote:

basically u set up qmail virtual domain file to do this. it then sets up reception of all mails from a domain by a particullar person!!
I am using qmail on my linux server and i have configured virtual mail server  for another domain on this m/c.
can anybody suggest how can i deliver
anyuser@xxxxxxxxxxxx to  (this any user can be any arbitrary user also not necessarly an existing user ,actually i want  @mydomain.com mails to be delived to admin@xxxxxxxxxxxx)


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