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Stalled/delayed posts


Some of you may have noticed that Linux-Delhi mail is coming in bursts
-- a few messages in the morning, some more in the afternoon, some
more in the evening, etc.  Some of you may also have received
``Stalled'' messages if you posted to the list.

After Thaths recovered the mailing lists from his corrupted disk, for
some reason Majordomo (the mailing list manager) is not letting anyone
post to Linux-Delhi without confirmation from me.  I've been busy for
two days, sending accept messages for each and every post to
Linux-Delhi, including my own :-)  I've sent mail to Thaths about
this, and hopefully the problem will get cleared out RSN.  In the
meantime, please bear with us and Don't Panic if your mail to the list
takes a few hours to evidence itself.

As for the bursts, I send confirms to the list whenever I'm at home
and sitting in front of the computer, so you know I'm online when
Linux-Delhi mail starts flowing into your mailbox :)


-- Raju