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Re: vacs at ludhiana

cool it man !  i simply forwarded a client's mail who asked for a ref:

if u r interested with even a 100K, i will fwd your resume to him
and then try to cool him ;-)


Amit Goel wrote:

> hi jai
> 8k is too less for an MCA when there is a geater scarcity of people who are
> 1. Linux experts 2. MCA, and you want both of these qualities in a single
> man without paying. Remeber an old saying "you pay the peanuts and you get
> the monkeys".
> If offer is anything like 30K(per month, 8 hrs a day, 5 days a week) with
> accomodation, may be I can refer 2-3 very good people to you.
> amit