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Re: CD Repair

Have you tried soap & water ?  What about 'Colins' glass cleaner.  These
are quite safe for CDs

At 11:35 PM 8/7/00 +0530, you wrote:
>"M.K.Pai" wrote:
>> At the last ILUG-D meet at Dilli Haat, a couple of guys said that
>> they could repair CD drives using nothing more than fingers,
>> toes and personal magnetism.
>> Could they please get in touch with me ? I have a 2X Sony atapi
>> from my grandfather's time that needs to be repaired. I just
>> don't have the heart to throw it away.
>facing similar problem, not with drive, but with cd.
>my pcq jun2k cd having rh6.2 has two three marks left by the gum of the
>tape with which it was strapped to the cover and the magazine, i guess.
>it is not working. after installing 75MB or so worth of codes, it just
>tried at least 5 times, same status. brushing with soft cloth does not
>help. it has become quite hard deposit. pressing with fingers (not tried
>with toes) it does not budge. not willing to use any eraser or chemical
>fearing that it might destroy the cd.
>any help? please.
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