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CD Repair

"M.K.Pai" wrote:
> At the last ILUG-D meet at Dilli Haat, a couple of guys said that
> they could repair CD drives using nothing more than fingers,
> toes and personal magnetism.
> Could they please get in touch with me ? I have a 2X Sony atapi
> from my grandfather's time that needs to be repaired. I just
> don't have the heart to throw it away.

facing similar problem, not with drive, but with cd.

my pcq jun2k cd having rh6.2 has two three marks left by the gum of the
tape with which it was strapped to the cover and the magazine, i guess.

it is not working. after installing 75MB or so worth of codes, it just

tried at least 5 times, same status. brushing with soft cloth does not
help. it has become quite hard deposit. pressing with fingers (not tried
with toes) it does not budge. not willing to use any eraser or chemical
fearing that it might destroy the cd.

any help? please.