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Re: Linux installation via net

At 06:02 PM 8/7/00 -0700, Sanjeev Jha wrote:
>hey Guys, 
>Here is the problem, I am stucked with.
>While configuring 2nd Linux machine, I found that installation CD is not 
>working (however this CD is working on other machine and other CD is working 
>on this machine).

Hmmmm, sounds like flakey hardware.

>Now, I have few option to install Linux on this machine but don't know how
>Option 1- Install the linux using BOOTP/TFTP by installing 'etherboot' or 
>'netboot' package. (Problem - Can't get Ethernet address of new machine)
>Option2 - Installation using shared CD drive on network, (I did on
Solaris, I 
>donno how to do on Linux ? again Ethernet Address will be require)

You don't need ethernet addresses, you need IP addresses.

>Option3 : is any method using floppy  ?? (I have boot floppy and rescue
>of linux1 machine)

Boot the boot floppy, and when it asks for the CD, put it in the drive and
press enter. What could be simpler?

If it fails with the CD, then mount the CD on another machine and do a
network install from the boot floppy.

Works like a charm. I did about 15 machines one night against my LapTop.
Could manage about three installs at once.

>Anyone can help me to find out what to do to install Linux on machine 2,
or where I am going wrong ??
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