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[Administrative] LI Mailing Lists Restored

Hi Thaths,

Thanks for the quick turnaround.  If I recall correctly, this happened
while you were taking a backup, right?  Remind me to get that tape
drive in place fast! :)

I have the archives of the list since Jan or so this year.  Request
anyone who has the complete archives to please get in touch with me so
that we can figure out a way to get them over to Thaths.

Thanks and regards,

-- Raju

>>>>> "Thaths" == Sudhakar Chandra <thaths@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Thaths> Hi, As all of you should have figured out by now, the
    Thaths> Linux India mailing lists were down for over 3 days.  The
    Thaths> hard disk on lists.linux-india.org started getting
    Thaths> corrupted and I decided to bring the machine down.  A
    Thaths> quick fsck-ing of the disk revealed that a lot of my
    Thaths> configuration was lost.  Luckily, the subscriber lists for
    Thaths> the various mailing lists were intact.

    Thaths> I bought a new hard disk and installed Debian 2.2 / frozen
    Thaths> / potato on it.  I am slowly recreating the environment
    Thaths> that existed on this machine.  The first step in this
    Thaths> process is the recreation of the mailing lists.

    Thaths> Here are some notes about the recreated lists:

    Thaths> * The archives of linux-delhi were lost.  Raju (or
    Thaths> anyone), if you have mbox files of the archives, please
    Thaths> email me.

    Thaths> * If you had ever set a password for your subscription to
    Thaths> majordomo2, it has been changed.  You will have to reset
    Thaths> your password.

    Thaths> * The IRC server will be available in a couple of days.

    Thaths> * As far as I can tell, everything is fine.  If anything
    Thaths> is not working properly, please email me with full
    Thaths> information.

    Thaths> * Some of the filtering for HTML and other formatted
    Thaths> emails is lost.  Please bear with me as I recreate those
    Thaths> filters from scratch.

    Thaths> Thank you for your patience.

    Thaths> Your Friendly List Admin