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Re: On LI Fund Management


First, I am Raghuram Vijapurapu here from ILUGHYD. I am mailing this on behalf of ILUGHYD, as our Rep Nikhil is busy with his exams and has requested me to mail. Hope you understand :-).

I agree with most of the view points made by you in the previous mail, but I have some suggestions to make.

I think having a zero balance is better in all respects, as we don't have to worry about [what we have to do with the money/who will manage the money] and do something more constructive.

We at ILUGHYD have conducted 2 events this year with no money transactions done by any of we individual members, most of the Major money transactions were done by the sponsor himself. For the first one, CyberExpo2000, PCQ had sponsored the stall. Then for the second one, ITEXPO2000, Margadarshi Chit Funds (The first Complete Linux based Company in Hyderabad) had sponsored the stall. But the small little costs which were borne by the active members of the group might too little to talk about.

My suggestion why don't you contribute the left over money which you might have to fund any Open Source projects, or start an All Indian Open Source Project which can help all Indians in some way or the other (eg: An Indianised Linux).


Raghuram Vijapurapu
       [Raghuram Vijapurapu] [raghuram@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] [ICQ# 58896013]