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Re: Could we resume the discussion ?

Raghavendra Bhat proclaimed:
> Arun Sharma wrote:
> > If we need to deal with money, we have to be formal and legal.
> Where was the money when LI was first formed ?  

When LI was formed there were very few people.  In fact, you could count
the number with the fingers of your hand.  Now there are lots more people.

Money, in itself, is not evil.  A lot of the money needed to run LI is
currently coming in from voluntary contributions in kind.  Take, for
example, the machine lists.linux-india.org.  I pay for the bandwidth and
the electricity for that machine.  It is not much out of my pocket and I
really don't mind.  But one day I might get hit by a truck.  Who is going
to foot the bill for the list then?

> Now some see money...as Prabhu said
> "Whose money ?"  Suddenly the idea of formalization and that too,
> many wanting this process to be hurried through with speed; connecting
> this to a very insignificant issue called an IT.com.

Formalization has been kicked around for over a year now.  IT.com is merely
a catalyst that might, hopefully, fasten this process.

> Within a legal framework, one has to be rigid and formal.  I am not
> saying that we should/can break laws by banding ourselves as an
> informal group. 

In which case, you should strive to have very few legal issues as possible,

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