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Re: Could we have a quick vote ?


>>>>> "Guru" == Gurunandan R Bhat <grbhat@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Guru> On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Raju Mathur wrote: I hope have the
    Guru> permission of Arun/Thaths/KD to reply to this:

    >> I missed the first few mails regarding the vote.  What are we
    >> voting on?

    Guru> 	Nothing to do with the main task of this list. An
    Guru> allied matter that came up due to the following sequenceof
    Guru> events:

    Guru> 	1) IT.com is coming up in November

    Guru> 	2) PC Quest wants to sponsor a Linux pavillion like
    Guru> last year, but would prefer to route all sponsorship matters
    Guru> through a National registered Linux Organisation. There is
    Guru> none currently and this list is seized with setting one up.

    Guru> 	3) Our discussion here should in no way be pressured
    Guru> by deadlines brought about by IT.com, important though that
    Guru> is.

    Guru> The solution: All coordinators sign a common letter to PCQ:
    Guru> The letter now reads (all signatories so far have been
    Guru> added):

    Guru> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Guru> Dear KK,

    Guru> It has been brought to our attention that IT.COM is an
    Guru> important event and it would be a shame to lose this
    Guru> opportunity to highlight Linux in such a high profile trade
    Guru> show.

    Guru> We are currently in the second week of a four week schedule
    Guru> to figure out the charter and the administrative details of
    Guru> Linux India on our mailing list. However, we do appreciate
    Guru> the urgency of the matter. We also understand the
    Guru> difficulties you have in justifying the expenses incurred on
    Guru> a local LUG.

    Guru> Therefore, we propose that you (PCQ) consider ILUG Bangalore
    Guru> as the authorised organisation to handle all matters
    Guru> relating to IT.com on behalf of Linux India for this
    Guru> year. We hope that Linux-India will have much to contribute
    Guru> to the Linux presence at IT.com from 2001 onwards."

    Guru> This was passed by an overwhelming majority on Linux India
    Guru> registration mailing list.

    Guru> Signed by:

    Guru> Arun Sharma Sudhakar "Thaths" Chandrasekharan
    Guru> K. Dakshinamurthy G. Sagar - ILUG Bombay Vaibhav Sharma -
    Guru> ILUG Indore Gurunandan Bhat - ILUG Goa Girish Kamath - ILUG
    Guru> Mangalore Biju Chako - ILUG Bangalore Prabhu Ramachandran -
    Guru> ILUG Chennai Naheed Vora - ILUG Ahmedabad
    Guru> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Guru> Since this is not directly related to the main task, we
    Guru> thought discussion on this letter, if at all, should take
    Guru> place off-list and not on this list. If you want to sign,
    Guru> Just say "Yes".