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Could you people allow me to retire (!)

No complaints, Just gloom.

Thanks, KD.  I hope I'll still see you in private life, even if not on
the list.

-- Raju

>>>>> "KD" == Dakshinamurthy K <kdmurthy@xxxxxxxx> writes:

    KD> Dear Friends, It is clear that I cannot handle the stress the
    KD> registration issue is causing to me. Those of you who do not
    KD> know, there is a offline *stink* being generated by some which
    KD> I am not able to tolerate.

    KD> <Background> Currently I am working as GM - Software
    KD> development in Subex Systems, a Bangalore based telecom
    KD> software company. I handle the software products division at
    KD> Subex that has around 30 developers. Two of our products are
    KD> in active development stage and one is already installed at 5
    KD> customer sites.

    KD> Unfortunately, I do not have any second level managers here
    KD> yet and I act as the project manager for all the
    KD> projects. Considering the tight release plans we have it is
    KD> really hectic job.  </Background>

    KD> I am interested in Linux India (ofcourse) and I hope that
    KD> alleast those of you who know me believe that I have put in
    KD> efforts to contribute (in my own way) to Linux India. If
    KD> li-reg is the only forum where I need to think and contribute
    KD> it would have been fine. However, that is not the case.

    KD> My only reason being on this list was to handle legal
    KD> registration issues. I mentioned to some of you that I wanted
    KD> to take a permanent break from LI once the registration is
    KD> over (and I hand over the domain to the society).

    KD> Before, I sign off I apologize to both Raj Mathur and Indranil
    KD> for not able to keep their trust.

    KD> Thaths/Arun: It was great fun working on a common cause for so
    KD> long. Thanks everyone for being so supportive.

    KD> Thaths: Could I request you to remove my name from the li-reg
    KD> list.

    KD> Warm Regards Dakshinamurthy K

    KD> --------------------------------------- Please respect the
    KD> privacy of this list.