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[adsharma@sharmas.dhs.org: Re: [LIG] Linux India registration.]

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On Tue, Sep 05, 2000 at 03:12:41PM +0530, Nikhil Datta wrote:


> Hi arun,
> 	I hope this is the right forum to discuss LI-registration.	


> I've been watching the ilug-b'lore list lately, and been in touch with
> Atul about IT COM. The feedback I've got is that PCQ needs to have LI
> Registered to sponsor it, and LI Registration is taking time.

That's correct.

> Is it possible to have an open list to discuss LI Reg matters, rather than
> the current closed list? I'm not able to contribute to the registration
> process myself, but I would like to know what the progress is.

I will pass your request on. At the minimum, we should be able to get
weekly digests out to LIG.

<quoting thaths on this>
The onyl reason I might not be able to post weekly digests to LIG is that I   
don't have the time.  

> I think the open source, open idea model has proved itself sufficiently
> for us to not have to resort to a closed list to do the decision making. 

One of the main concerns has been the feasibility of forming a national
LUG - given the diversity of people and their perceptions of each other.

One of the ideas behind keeping the list closed was to minimize the
noise on the list and take it to a conclusion in a time bound manner. Each
LUG has nominated a representative - I believe we have full coverage of
all the known LUGs now. The reps are fully expected to discuss on
their local mailing lists, issues of importance and voice it on the list.

> I was at IT COM last year, and it was a blast and a great success. I
> definitely intend to be there this year as well, maybe even in a tux;)

I wasn't there, but have heard good things about it. Hope it'll be
just as good or even better this year too.

> I think the list should be opened, and let anyone willing contribute.

My personal opinion (not necessarily that of people on li-reg) is that
the weekly digests be published in a timely manner and parallel discussions
may proceed on fora like LIG. At the end of the discussion on li-reg,
a "public preview" of the constitution be done, opinions collected,
amendments proposed and passed by a simple majority on li-reg.

I believe this is how the Indian constitution was done.


[ I'm forwarding this to li-reg ]

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