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Re: Thoughts about constitution

On Sat, Aug 26, 2000 at 02:40:29AM +0530, Indranil Das Gupta wrote:
> > - The membership would be weighted by the number of local ILUG members
> >   the representitive represents.
> Not totally clear what you meant... but what would be the base of
> such counting? For example, at ILUG-Cal one is considered to be a
> member if one is member of the mailing list or attends the meetings
> (to allow for ppl who are not online yet) or both. What may be the
> criteria of counting members...

I would really defer the discussion on this till week 2, as proposed
by thaths. But to clarify what I said - some reasonable, agreed upon
method of establishing that a certain person exists and is a member of a
particular ILUG.  Otherwise, we'll end up with some kind of vote rigging,
which is all too familiar :)