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[Fwd: Welcome and let the discussions begin...]

Hello friends,

I am Naheed Vora from Linux User's Group of Ahmedabad. Luga initiated
back in October '99, rooted  from an academic environment of Nirma
Institute of Technology - Ahmedabad. Today round about fifty Linux
enthusiast work under this umbrella, where we organize meetings,
Lectures and Install Festivals on regular basis.

I have been assigned the work of Event Co-ordinating, along with general
web administration.

Our website :- www.luga.org ( Sponsored by webmasters India ). We have
closed mailing list gen-list@xxxxxxxxx  

Naheed Vora

-------- Original Message --------

Hi everyone,

Everyone, please introduce yourselves and your ILUG.  I will propose
tomorrow what I have in mind for this list.  People can add, change and
delete from my proposal.