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Re: What proxy server is avl. under RHL6.0 ?

Hi luggies
    One question. Dr. Sriram ( as always the original - no doubt about
that !! ) specified a "-P tcp" in the ipfwadm
command line. So let's assume a user on a Win9x machine in the 192 subnet
points the browser at www.hotmail.com . The Win9x machine, we assume, is
already configured to use the gateway as the primary namerserver. So it
sends a packet ( UDP, right ? ) to get the IP address for www.hotmail.com
. And the gateway gets the IP in the usual manner. I hope this is
what happens.
     Now if the Win9x machines had their nameserver IP set to say ( vsnl's nameserver ), then the machines would no longer be
able to browse using website names right ?
     RHL 6 and above I think comes with ipchains instead of ipfwadm. But
will we still have to use those "/sbin/modprobe ip_masq_ftp.o" lines to
enable services like ftp, CuSeeMe through the masquerading host ? 
Any plans for the millenium at ilugc ?
mani sridhar


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