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Re: ilugc reopens :-)

On Wed, 1 Dec 1999, Shurajit Gopalakrishnan wrote:

> Do I have to resubscribe to the list now?

  I don't think so. *I* didn't do anything toward (un)subscribing and well
, I'm back to looking at all these mails :-)

  Addressing other things... I missed out on attending saturdays ilugc
meeting [ assuming there was one , as slated ? ] ... and I'm most eager to
know what you guys did ... Could someone do me a favour and put up the
minutes ? Thanks.

> >(the first sriram to join ilugc and therefore, the original)

  Ravi "Dreaming toward attending December's Meeting" Rao.

[ the only ravi on the list , and therefore the original , doh ]

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