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Re: ilugc reopens :-)

Dear Dr. Sriram,

Do I have to resubscribe to the list now?



-----Original Message-----
From: Dr. P. Sriram <sriram@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: ilugc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <ilugc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tuesday, November 30, 1999 10:38 PM
Subject: ilugc reopens :-)

>dear luggies,
>i am happy to announce the re-opening of ilugc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; there
>will be one small change in operation policy - from now on, only ilugc
>subscribers will be able to post to the list. already, subscribing to
>ilugc uses a return confirmation mail; thus, bogus addresses cannot
>subscribe to the list. since only subscribers can post, i believe bogus
>address holders will not be able to post; this should eliminate the spam
>and related problems we have had in the past. it was unfortunate that the
>list had to be closed down for a few days. to recall, on friday last early
>morning, some prank postings were made to the list (repeatedly). if it
>were a single posting, i would have simply ignored it. since the site is
>not officially sanctioned by any iit authority, in order to protect
>myself, i shut down the site. however, i initiated action to trace the
>poster of the prank messages and my closure announcement gave some details
>of it. in any case, by saturday morning, the list of suspects was rather
>narrow and the prank poster (who happens to be a member of the ilugc list)
>confessed/apologized. since revealing the identity of the poster is
>unlikely to achieve anything constructive, i will refrain from it. let us
>all look forward to continued constructive discussions on ilugc. long live
>linux and longer live ilugc...
>(the first sriram to join ilugc and therefore, the original)
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Send e-mail to 'ilugc-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' with 'unsubscribe' 
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