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[Announce] LIP list being moved to lists.sourceforge.net


This is a VERY IMPORTANT announcement.  So please take a few minutes to
read through it.

As I announced a couple of months back, I am retiring from my post of List
Admin.  After a lengthy search, I found that the best place to move the LI
mailing lists is lists.sourceforge.net.  I have decided to start the move
beginning with the LIP mailing list.

A few hours after I send out this email, I will begin migrating the user
database from my machine over to lists.sourceforge.net  After migrating the
usert databse, I will also send out a test message from the lists's new
home.  Please be patient.

I do not expect any large scale breakage.  But I do expect (as any good
admin should) at least one or two things to break a bit.  Please send me a
personal email at thaths@xxxxxxxxx giving me full details if you encounter
a problem with the new home of the LIP mailing list.

Also, I'll update my /etc/aliases file to redirect incoming LIP postings to
the new LIP list to take care of messages addressed to the old list already
in the ether.

After a week of seeing how things go, I will migrate the LIH anf LIG lists.

Outgoing List Admin
pub  1024R/9B7FE6BD 1998-03-25 Sudhakar Chandrasekharan <thaths@xxxxxxxxx>
Key fingerprint = 8A 84 2E 67 10 9A 64 03  24 38 B6 AB 1B 6E 8C E4
uid                            Sudhakar Chandrasekharan <thaths@xxxxxxxxxxxx>