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Re: error in reading frame-buffer device

IIRC, PCQ once came up with the article regarding frame buffer. Somewhere last
year.  Search on PCQ linux articles section on their website/

When I read kernel compile in first para. I just dumped it. I said I don't need
this fancy at the cost of kernel compile. Was a bit timid then....;-)


sreangsu acharyya wrote:
> On Wed, 18 Apr 2001, sreangsu acharyya wrote:
> > buffer. Most likely the grame buffer drovers in your kernel do not have
> atrocious typos aside, it seems one needs to give some boot parameters to
> the kernel to enable the fb stuff. Thats what i comprehended from a quick
> look at the framebuffer Howto. Try giving video=vga16 and see if anything
> loads