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Re: error in reading frame-buffer device

> Hi, 
> 	Are you sure the framebuffer device is compiled in?
> 1. Do you get the penguin boot logo? 
> 2. Check /proc/devices for the fb device (29).
> The "No such device" error you get is usually because of the driver not
> being loaded.
> Regards
> Sojan.

hi Sojan


i what i think there should always be a frame buffer device otherwise 
how X server can work on my machine .....( its my thinking may be wrong ) 
so having  a penguin boot logo is not the sign of having a framebuffer 

btw i dont get any logo at boot time 

2. yes in /proc/devices 

   it shows "fb" character device with major device no 29  


i love    /( )\  linux
           ^ ^