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I have the CD

Hi Sreangsu

I have burnt the CD. It contains following goodies...

1)Corel photopaint 9
2)Hitch Hiker's guide to galaxy...;-)(I have yet to read it but I thought it's a
worthwhile collection...)
2)KDE2.1 sourece tar balls with Qt2.3
3)Kernel 2.4.1 utils. All the things required to compile 2.4.1on a RHL6.2
machine along with PCQ CD.
4)Kernel 2.4.2+Reiserfs patch for that
5)Latest Mesa source tarballs
6)IBM Data explorer
7)Postgres7.0.3 rpms
8)Some documentation

This all counts for 280MB. Rest's are MP3s.

Want to borrow? I have not yet got my mobo back. Maybe today..... ;-))