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Startup program

I want to start the execution of a program when X Window starts up. So, I inserted that program name in the file /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc
Whether I give it as a background process or a foreground one, it does not "seem" to run. In the program, there are many printf statements and some file creation instructions which do not seem to get executed. 
My question is, 
# Where should I look for the output of the printf statements? Will it be echoed to the terminal from which X was started? I believe that a background process cannot use the terminal for output. Then what should I do?
# This particular program mainly consists of an always-true while loop; it never terminates by itself. From within this loop, several functions and other programs (executable files) are called. Where will they dump their output?

Thanks in advance! Waiting for a reply,
- Karthika

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