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Would you like to join us in co - promoting your Linux solutions

> Dear Sir,
> The opportunity for server Appliances is immense and the proposal includes
> :
> *	Hardware preloaded with Application. You can port additional
> applications which have been developed on Linux by you.
> *	Higher Margin potential & Agressive Price Point
> *	Simple Selling techniques
> *	Shorter Sales Cycle and more SME Customers
> *	Minimum Post Warranty issues
> Look no further.
> Sun - Cobalt started out as an idea to bring the power of the Internet to
> every person or organization that needs it. So it had to be easy,
> affordable and a possible Linux combination. Small businesses, schools,
> start-up Internet Service Providers, and people all around the world have
> leveraged Cobalt server appliances to gain the advantages of the Internet.
> Even some of the world's largest service providers use Cobalt appliances
> to offer customer-specific services at affordable prices. 
> Value proposition 
> *	Shield the user from the complexity of operating systems,
> applications and network complications along with savings on cost of
> application upgradation, updation and license cost.
> *	Give an integrated stack of Applications and Hardware.
> *	No license cost towards the Operating system or the application
> being used.
> *	Port your local application on the server and promote it as an
> appliance.
> The result: 
> Simple, affordable solutions for organizations that need an Internet
> presence and want to perform critical Internet-related applications
> including e-mail, file sharing, Web hosting and e-commerce. 
> The power we can put in the hands of a small organization has
> traditionally been reserved for wealthy companies with costly
> general-purpose servers and large staffs of technically skilled engineers.
> Now, with Cobalt server appliances, anyone can tap into the power of the
> Internet regardless of where they are or how technical they've become. 
> Target Markets - 
> Cobalt's products are ideally suited for Internet Service Providers,
> businesses, workgroups and project teams, educational institutions, Web
> designers and networked application developers: 
> *	Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that want low-priced, high-density
> dedicated hosting, co-location, or caching solutions 
> *	Businesses that want a simple, low-priced, on-site Internet/intranet
> server, network attached storage, or caching solutions to take maximum
> advantage of their limited wide-area bandwidth.
> *	Workgroups and project teams that need a quick and easy mechanism to
> develop and distribute information 
> *	Educational institutions-especially middle schools and high
> schools-looking for cost-effective communication solutions for linking
> parents, students and teachers 
> *	Web designers and network application developers interested in
> cost-effective development and deployment solutions.
> Differentiators 
> *	Compelling value proposition - The company designs its server
> appliances to deliver exceptional performance at a substantially lower
> installed cost than general purpose servers. 
> *	Ease-of-use and manageability - All of the company's products
> incorporate a simple set-up procedure designed to require less than 15
> minutes for installation and operation. A remote browser enables
> administration from any location, thus eliminating the need for and cost
> of a dedicated client. 
> *	Scalable Performance - The company's low cost server appliances are
> solid building blocks for scalable solutions. As the amount of traffic
> handled by a Cobalt server appliance increases, additional units can be
> clustered to add greater capacity at little additional expense beyond the
> cost of the units themselves. 
> *	Interoperability - The company's products employ a standards-based,
> open architecture to function across multiple operating environments,
> including Windows, Windows NT, Macintosh and Unix. 
> *	An application Developer program which not only helps you port your
> local application on the server but also supports you to understand how
> the same can be integrated with a GUI interface on the server.
> Tech Pacific along with Sun Microsystems is looking out for Linux partners
> in various geographies of India to support this business proposition. 
> If you would like to join us in promoting your applications as an
> integrated appliance please reply back with information in the following
> format.
> *	Complete details about your organization with contact numbers &
> Address.
> *	Which segment (SME, Corporates, xSP's, SOHO, Govt, EOU, etc) of the
> market does your organization / application focus in.
> *	In what location are your sales offices located.
> *	Are you into selling of Applications (email, Webserver, Database
> etc) any other please list.
> *	Will you invest in a demo machine and a training certification pack.
> *	Are you ready to invest in a dedicated manpower for this business.
> *	Are you ready to jointly conduct marketing activities for the
> promotion  of this product.
> *	Will a sales training help your sales personal to understand the
> selling techniques.
> *	Are you ready to port your application on the Cobalt server.
> Hurry !!  mailto:suncell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Thanks & Regards
> Tech Pacific (India) Limited