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Re: warning for images in php4 posted

On Sat, 7 Apr 2001, Kapil Jadhav wrote:

 |<b>Warning</b>:  ImageGif: No GIF support in this PHP build in
 |<b>/home/kapil/public_html/php/p6.php3</b> on line <b>9</b><br>

Try creating a PNG image or JPG image and see if you get the error.

*GIFs are no longer supported*  RTFM

[kingsly@utopia kingsly]$ head  /usr/doc/gd-1.8.3/readme.txt       

                                   gd 1.8.3
A graphics library for fast image creation

Follow this link to the latest version of this document.

     _HEY! READ THIS!_ gd 1.8.3 creates PNG, JPEG and WBMP images, not
     GIF images. This is a good thing. PNG is a more compact format, and
     full compression is available. JPEG works well with photographic
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