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Re: Re: podfuk

I looked at the site
but unfortunately not enough documentation there
I still would want to know some source for good docs on this matter

At 4/3/01 8:16:00 AM, you wrote:
>Take a look at http://ftpfs.sourceforge.net/
>On Tue, 3 Apr 2001, Intrepid Soldier wrote:
>> This is in reply to Raja's mail regardinf ftpfs
>> Sorry to write a mail out of the continuing thread.
>> actually I downloaded the mail somewhere else
>> and writing this mail from somewhere else.
>> Coming back to the main topic
>> podfuk (which is basically for coda/venus) wasnt of any special use
>> anyway I am writing a kernel module for the first time
>> so my main interest is in reading and understanding the kernel code
>> rather than looking for some short-cuts.
>> I am pretty convinced with your argument of ftp fs functionality 
>> belonging outside the kernel but what I am trying to do is 
>> something like this:-
>> * open the traditional two sockets for control and data.
>> * connect the control socket with the remote machine on port 21
>> * send the customary FTP ascii commands to the ftp server
>> * receive the responses from the server
>> *receive the file-names and files from the server
>> *and present them to the vfs using dentry and inode structures
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